elles-pets-054.jpgelles-pets-006.jpgDoc, I really wnat to know why you sweat when it’s below 0ut outsde!!! It’s weird how clod it gets in the barn and yet the horses still sweat! I am bunded up in about eighteen coats and Doc is sweating! Crazy horses! I always feel bad for the horses that are outside, so for christmas all the horses got blankets. I think Tigger would rather have a blanket on, but Pharoah still doesn’t like blankets, Keiki loves her blanket. And Maverick not only looks adorable, he likes his blanket as well. i’m glad they all got what they wanted for Christmas.


Dark Picture- The three horses keiki maverick, and pharoah( Tigger not pictured)

Head out of the stall- Doc, with a sweat mark from his bridle 🙂


elles-pets-039.jpgelles-pets-020.jpgelles-pets-021.jpgReining is a complex western horse, similar to dressage, In one part of reining once you get advanced enough, you have to coordinate not only the movements of your horse but those of a baby cow, or for those who know a calf.  We have 3 horses in reining training, Amber, Princess and Chippy. They are approaching the state in their training where they will start working with a cow. Wish themn good luck!


Palomino= Amber

Paint= Chippy (ridden by Amy)


elles-pets-028.jpgelles-pets-026.jpgTwo Step is a 5 month old paint filly. She is Shy and adorable, she is going to be a champion. Two Step is very shy and sometimes hard to befriend, she sometimes gives newcomers a hard time. Lots of people get frustrated with her and don’t give her another chance. But if you give her time you have a friend for life.

She loves feeding time, and back scratches, she loves being played with. Her shining blue eyes make anyones day, and she just overall makes people happy. Two Step is a wonderful girl, and we LOVE her. She also loves her friend Amy, Amy is one of my best friends too. Someday Amy and Two Step will ride together. While I sneak a ride on Two Steps other little friend Dunny. (More on Dunny when I get a Picture!)

One of the rows of horsesDoc has lots of other horses to hang out with at the barn, including the 13 other horse Kate owns that are housed at Copperhills. There are so many that I have trouble naming them all! I love being at the barn. It’s so nice to see Doc as well as all the other Barnmates. Even thought there is lots of work involved horseback rididng is one of the most rewarding sports, Because when you know you did well you know that you coordinated both yourself and a good friend.

Hears what Tigger’s gotten for Christmas for the past 3 years:
2003: A new loving home with me! 🙂
2004: A spiffy green halter and shank
2006: Don’t tell Tigger… it’s a surprise, All 4 horses Keiki, Pharoah, Maverick and of course Tigger are getting a little stocking with peppermints and carrots inside! They are so cute!!!!!!

Keiki is a beautiful paint mare, she is a superstar. Keiki came from a boring home where she wasn’t loved, ridden, or even cared for!

When Shelly and my Grandma Nancy bought her she liked to spend her spare time standing on two hind legs, she reared and reared and reared, we feared we would have to re-sell her luckily we know and wonderful man who also has a horse named Lady (see below) and he cured her! We hope to breed keiki someday to the perfect stud! She would have the cutest baby ever! ohhh she is the most beautiful horse ever! Thanks for being a superstar Keiki!!!!

Maverick was born with rodeo in his blood, he should be in the NRA right now throwin’ cowboys 10 ft into the air, makin’ them wish they had stayed home.

Instead Maverick found a home with a girl who didn’t really appreciate him, he went unridden for a long time, until Maddy found him.

Maddy and Maverick look better together than a lot of people that I know, he’s the horse Maddy looks best on in the whole world. Maddy loves Maverick, and although Maverick can be a brat, Maddy loves him anyway, and MAverick has at last like many of our horses come to a new and loving home. It seems that we have happened upon the horses that need us most.

Thanks Maddy and Maverick you’re so cute together!

Lady is a Palomino Quarter horse, she doesn’t belong to us but she is one of my favorite horses to spend time with. She belongs to Shawn our friend who sometimes keeps us company on the Trails, and Lady’s presence has been on our ranch in Utah for few years now. I fallen in love with many horse in my lifetime, but only a few stick out and she’s one of them.

Shawn got lady when she was a 2 year old filly, he remembers galloping, playing, and working with the young palomino on a rouph-ridin’ ranch in Wyoming. He worked cows in the mountains, learned to shoe all different kinds of horses and teach others to ride.

When Shawn was ready to go to college, Lady came right along, she and Shawn went to “horse college.”

 Lady learned to jump, and do some dressage while there. (I’m sure all the other horses felt rather outclassed when in Lady’s presence.)

She then came to live with us as Shawn was teaching in the same city as we live with our ranch, and therefore Lady would be much closer and Shawn would get to see her much more often.

 Thank you Shawn for letting us love LAdy! I hope she comes back to Utah in the spring!

Alex is my little kitty, kind of of the topic of horses, but oh well. Alex is my popular, social kitty, she spends all her spare time licking me and begging for pets. (she’s getting a toothbrush for christmas:) she hates!!!!! showers, though she should get used to them… she gets so dirty, she’s an inside cat so I dont know how that happens…

I love her and Halle my little sister loves them too! I’m so glad we have her. We have another cat her name is MAtilda and she’s about the prettiest cat ever! But we never see her because she is always hiding in the ceiling of our basement… she only comes out to eat, drink, and see me, she runs away when she sees anyone else. Their birthday is coming up on Christmas because thats when we got them all those years ago… I think they are turning 4. Happy B-day!

Whether or not I’m going to the Denver Show doesn’t affect wether or not I have to get ready. Hours of preperation go into shows, Maddy my cousin who is much more experienced at show work than me, would know what I mean.

It’s a lot of work to get 1 horse ready to show, getting 11? Thats a different matter… Me, Pricilla, Angela, Amy, and Kate, quite the work-force eh?

Anyways Thanks to SHELLY and JEFF for making this Blog possible!!!!

MADDY we are going riding!!! (or petting the horses and running inside!) 🙂

Chestnut Pony?

There is something about jumping a horse over a fence, something that makes you feel good. Perhaps it’s the risk, the gamble. In any event it’s a thing I need. - W Faulkener

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