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Genuine Risk Kentucky Derby Winner

Some horses are born to preform, sail over jumps, sink nearly parrellel with the ground going after that cow, some are born to lounge in the sun and enjoy a little girl’s loving carresses, and some are born to run. Tigger belongs to the last group, he has wind in his mane, fire in his step, and the heart to fly.

This is one reason I love him, he carries me with him, his long strides with me abord, mearly a passanger for a magnificent animal to carry. As the movie “Dreamer” puts it, “the ground shook, the sky parted and mere mortals passed, and I met you in the winner’s circle, where you put a blanket of flowers on my back.”

Everyone should go flying at least once in there lifetime. I garantee it’s nothing like those high end ferraris, and porshes, it’s way better.

Tigger has allowed me to fly and overcome, he is my hero. Tigger as a tribute to you thank you for allowing me to befriend you, and soar with you.


Christmas used to come with an empty feeling.

Thats right I didn’t always have a horse [shudder] Tigger was an unexpected miracle. When I was 12 I didn’t even bother telling my parents I wanted a horse (obvious right?) let alone a thoroughbred. (because they are my favorite) But when he finally came into my life, on that Christmas eve two years ago, it honestly changed my outlook on life. Everytime I ride him I am reminded of my love for horses. Tigger is the best friend I could ever have. Although many horses have touched my life in many ways none have come near to Tigger.

Although I have 2 other horses (more later) none are as special as Tigger. I will keep him forever.

Chestnut Pony?

There is something about jumping a horse over a fence, something that makes you feel good. Perhaps it’s the risk, the gamble. In any event it’s a thing I need. - W Faulkener

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