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Pharoah, my aunts arabian would love to Meet Thunder, Thunder is an award winning stud colt arabian. He is still under 2 years old, witch is why he is called a stud-colt. He is so amazing, he has won every halter show he has been entered in. Halter: a test of conformation, and charachteristics of a breed, A human leader runs the horse wearing only a halter around a ring while the judje watches the movements, and look of the horse, the best looking horse according to the breed charachteristics is the winner.

Shake Me is a quater horse mare, she competes in the aged-mare halter competitions, she is only four, so now she is starting to compete in Western pleasure as well,in the picture, notice how woderful her neck and head are proportioned, she has had several judges comment on her front end. She is beautiful all over, but she is hard to get ready for halter competitions because she is soooo big! 


elles-pets-039.jpgelles-pets-020.jpgelles-pets-021.jpgReining is a complex western horse, similar to dressage, In one part of reining once you get advanced enough, you have to coordinate not only the movements of your horse but those of a baby cow, or for those who know a calf.  We have 3 horses in reining training, Amber, Princess and Chippy. They are approaching the state in their training where they will start working with a cow. Wish themn good luck!


Palomino= Amber

Paint= Chippy (ridden by Amy)


elles-pets-028.jpgelles-pets-026.jpgTwo Step is a 5 month old paint filly. She is Shy and adorable, she is going to be a champion. Two Step is very shy and sometimes hard to befriend, she sometimes gives newcomers a hard time. Lots of people get frustrated with her and don’t give her another chance. But if you give her time you have a friend for life.

She loves feeding time, and back scratches, she loves being played with. Her shining blue eyes make anyones day, and she just overall makes people happy. Two Step is a wonderful girl, and we LOVE her. She also loves her friend Amy, Amy is one of my best friends too. Someday Amy and Two Step will ride together. While I sneak a ride on Two Steps other little friend Dunny. (More on Dunny when I get a Picture!)

One of the rows of horsesDoc has lots of other horses to hang out with at the barn, including the 13 other horse Kate owns that are housed at Copperhills. There are so many that I have trouble naming them all! I love being at the barn. It’s so nice to see Doc as well as all the other Barnmates. Even thought there is lots of work involved horseback rididng is one of the most rewarding sports, Because when you know you did well you know that you coordinated both yourself and a good friend.

Chestnut Pony?

There is something about jumping a horse over a fence, something that makes you feel good. Perhaps it’s the risk, the gamble. In any event it’s a thing I need. - W Faulkener

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