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Those of you who ride at barns know what I’m talking about when I say, an indoor arena can seem a little crowded when your horse decides to misbehave. Doc is about the worst warming-up horse ever, meaning: if he’s saddled, and is still warming up he’s a butt.

Doc regularly smashes my legs in to the side railings in the indoor arena, rears, and charges up to horses either being ridden or lunged in the same vacinity as his proud and hyper (and adorable)n self. Even though I have never had a group lesson, because our trainer like to work with us one on one, Doc is quite the brat…

Man, my arms and legs get serious workouts, with Pricilla (my trainer and friend) constantly yelling “get your leg on him and relax your hands” how am I ‘sposed to do that when he’s slamming my leg into the post! Or about to be kicked by an antsy Arabian? Or be run over by a lunge-line? Or standing like a clown on two hind legs, or the accasiohnal handstand?

 Well there you have the Doc speal, the other riders at Copperhills Equestrian Center, avoid the indoor when I’m there… [embarrased chuckle]

Thanks a lot Doc! Oh yah and I think you might have pulled a muscle in my forearm, Nice!!! A month before a show… tsk tsk


Short, stocky, muscular, the cutest thing ever, meet Doc. Doc is a six year old American Quarter Horse. Doc has overcome tradgety and sailed to triumph, he has gone through several owners, a bad veteranarian, and into a loving and caring home.

Doc began training when he was 2 and a half years old, he had an intense training program that led to a serious injury later in his life. He was jumping preliminary courses when he turned 4.

He sustained an injury over time, his front right leg got worse and worse, until he couldn’t jump for his owners any longer. They tried to disguise the injury and sell him for what he was worth without the injury. They didn’t succeed, when good friend Kate found him, he was about to be destroyed.

Doc is now my show horse, and although he isn’t legally mine he is my horse, and even Kate says so. 🙂 anyway…

I love my perfect little baby, he such an angel (mostly) And now him and I show in Western Pleasure, and some other things, since now thanks to his previous owners he HATES to jump…

Love you DOC!!!

Chestnut Pony?

There is something about jumping a horse over a fence, something that makes you feel good. Perhaps it’s the risk, the gamble. In any event it’s a thing I need. - W Faulkener

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