Shadie is the best doggy ever. When he was little he was abused, in fact thats where we found him, tied to a railroad track. When shadie was younger, he was ambitious and hyper, he was the fastest highest jumping dog there was. Now that he has slowed down and reached 9 years old he’s still a little shaky from the last year. First, on our way to a camping vacation towing a huge RV with shadie and our other two dogs in the back, shadie decided to see what pavement felt like flying down the highway at 60 mph. My mom driving a few cars behind found him in shock wandering on the side of the highway. Then after multiple vet visits and a lot of love, he recovered. Then disaster struck while on a trailride with me and two of my friends, he was kicked in the head after a group of hikers ran toward our horses, clearly excited to see riders, after screaming at them to stop! Tigger my horse reared up and flipped around causing the domino effect, horses where rearing and bucking (darn kids!) in the process shadie was kicked in the head so hard as to cause a fracture to his scull. So we love you Shadie! And we hope you stick around, no more trail rides or truck rides!