Pharoah, my aunts arabian would love to Meet Thunder, Thunder is an award winning stud colt arabian. He is still under 2 years old, witch is why he is called a stud-colt. He is so amazing, he has won every halter show he has been entered in. Halter: a test of conformation, and charachteristics of a breed, A human leader runs the horse wearing only a halter around a ring while the judje watches the movements, and look of the horse, the best looking horse according to the breed charachteristics is the winner.

Shake Me is a quater horse mare, she competes in the aged-mare halter competitions, she is only four, so now she is starting to compete in Western pleasure as well,in the picture, notice how woderful her neck and head are proportioned, she has had several judges comment on her front end. She is beautiful all over, but she is hard to get ready for halter competitions because she is soooo big!