elles-pets-054.jpgelles-pets-006.jpgDoc, I really wnat to know why you sweat when it’s below 0ut outsde!!! It’s weird how clod it gets in the barn and yet the horses still sweat! I am bunded up in about eighteen coats and Doc is sweating! Crazy horses! I always feel bad for the horses that are outside, so for christmas all the horses got blankets. I think Tigger would rather have a blanket on, but Pharoah still doesn’t like blankets, Keiki loves her blanket. And Maverick not only looks adorable, he likes his blanket as well. i’m glad they all got what they wanted for Christmas.


Dark Picture- The three horses keiki maverick, and pharoah( Tigger not pictured)

Head out of the stall- Doc, with a sweat mark from his bridle 🙂