Lady is a Palomino Quarter horse, she doesn’t belong to us but she is one of my favorite horses to spend time with. She belongs to Shawn our friend who sometimes keeps us company on the Trails, and Lady’s presence has been on our ranch in Utah for few years now. I fallen in love with many horse in my lifetime, but only a few stick out and she’s one of them.

Shawn got lady when she was a 2 year old filly, he remembers galloping, playing, and working with the young palomino on a rouph-ridin’ ranch in Wyoming. He worked cows in the mountains, learned to shoe all different kinds of horses and teach others to ride.

When Shawn was ready to go to college, Lady came right along, she and Shawn went to “horse college.”

 Lady learned to jump, and do some dressage while there. (I’m sure all the other horses felt rather outclassed when in Lady’s presence.)

She then came to live with us as Shawn was teaching in the same city as we live with our ranch, and therefore Lady would be much closer and Shawn would get to see her much more often.

 Thank you Shawn for letting us love LAdy! I hope she comes back to Utah in the spring!