cua101.jpgCountry Dock, more commonly known as Docky, was an enormous appaloosa gelding. Although I generally don’t like that breed, Docky was special. Docky was the teacher. That horse deserved a diploma for all the teaching he did.

When he was a 3 year old colt my grandma bought him at an auction for 5oo dollars, (cheap for what would become the greatest investment she ever made) Docky was a snot, when he was 4, he went bucking around the show ring with my 6 year old Aunt Regan aboard. She loved him anyway. When he was 6 my grandparents decided to “rent” him out to older girls who wanted to ride, granted under close supervision.

Doc refused to behave, scaring girl after girl out of riding him. When Docky was 8 he stopped bratting, and bucking, and started winning some shows! Docky took home close to 20 red (in Canada that is first place and blue is second) ribbons.

Then Docky began to teach all kinds of little girls and boys how to ride. The tack room is still littered with letters written to Docky by his students. It wasn’t my grandma who taught little girls and boys how to ride (no offense grams) it was Docky.

Tribute: Docky passed away this past spring peacefully in his sleep, he was burried in his favorite spot on the ranch. Near the creek under the beautiful weeping willows. I’m not sad though, he is teaching angels how to ride now. And all the children he taught will always remember that enormous appoloosa gelding.